“Comey Cost Hillary The Election” — Another Groundless Liberal Myth
Michael Tracey

If ever there were an example in the long and ignominious history of electoral politics, of “low-hanging fruit”, it was a Hillary Clinton win, by big margins, in 2016. I can’t remember there ever being a more oft-used political cliche, going back at least the past four years, than “The First Woman President” and specifically and without exception used as nomenclature for the ultimate outcome of her long career.

She OWNED the thing, and she pissed it away.

If she had been just a little less of a rude, confrontational asshole at a few key moments, if she had just made herself a tad more accessible (and likeable, FFS) to ordinary people a few more times, if she had just un-shrilled her tone and de-blamed her narrative just an iota for a couple more sound bites, if she had sat down and let any of thousands of first-responders in New York help her on 9/11 instead of running away looking like a banana-republic despot in terror of her own constituents (she had been their Senator, after all, we’re told), the election was hers for the taking, and had been all along.

Nobody cost Hillary Clinton the election, other than Hillary Clinton. And there is in my view not even any such person, as a “Trump supporter.” Only Hillary-stoppers. She made the idea of herself in that post feel so contemptible and so egregious, and so dangerous, that she left her own country little option but to vote in a bizarre caricature like Trump, just to keep her out.

Sorry, Mrs Clinton, but this one is ALL YOU.

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