Well that is of course a whole other sort of dynamic.
Amber Lisa

people who identify as “feminists” are saying such crazy things, all the people identifying as “anti-feminists” are doing the same. Everything is so polarized these days. This doesn’t bode well for the up and coming generations where men and women are so angry around these gender issues, and there’s no middle ground.

If it’s any comfort, I pretty much walked away from anything bearing the brand name “men’s rights” some time ago for pretty much the same reasons. It has its valid defenders, but by and large I see it as the new “He-Man Woman Haterz Klub” like in Little Rascals; and for as long as that creepy charlatan false apostle Paul Elam is associated with it I find it a matter of simple adult self-respect not to be mistaken for one of those people.

We covered this before, but I never in my life saw what balance and mutual respect, combined with what you might call “traditional gender roles” which are in place by preference and not by any coercion, all look like in a group of men and women, until I arrived eight years ago out here in the high plains and settled in a little farm town full of Republicans. Seeing the neighborliness and the way ladies and gentlemen treat each other properly, at every age (best-mannered children you ever saw, I guarantee it), makes me wonder what all the hullabaloo was ever about to begin with.

It’s a boring place in its way, but at my age and with my experiences prior, I’ll never even consider relocating anywhere else after nine States and probably fifty domiciles since 1960. Just peace and good relations between folks means more to me than all the concert halls and hiking trails and all the rest of what I used to think mattered, combined. I used to think of both Colorado and New Mexico, after years in each, as heaven on earth. But when I look back now at the gender chaos and the lunatic leftists running around feigning their “conthern” over every little thing, what I remember most is a lot of duplicitous stressed-out middle-class people chasing a lot of hollow dreams in places they didn’t deserve to enjoy.

Not that I don’t miss concert halls and hiking trails, mind you.

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