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Violet, on the other hand, seems to be the quintessential, mean-spirited shrill and hysteric — especially if she disagrees with what you post. Don’t take my word for it, simply read some of her continued nastiness.

If memory serves, I believe this was one of the very first individuals I ever blocked here, maybe even the first. What I do remember is exactly as you describe so well: “mean-spirited, shrill and hysteric.”

As for Svetlana Voreskova, she has been a favorite contact and debating partner of mine for years and on multiple platforms. It used to come about that people on the old Antimisandry site where we first met up would accuse us both of some kind of collusion because we got so friendly and even affectionate with one another in our posts, which had us each point out to the aggrieved parties that the two of us disagree, passionately more often than not, a lot more than we agree. It turns out we just have a modicum of respect for each other, and Lana would tell you that we each had to earn it, as she is not the sort who will suffer fools gladly.

I get on Lana for her heavy-handedness now and then, and then turn right around and eviscerate somebody’s posts who just rubs me the wrong way myself. I’d like to think I’m as good at it as she is, because as eviscerators of stupidity and jingoism in online posts go, she is Major League. She is the damn New York Yankees in that department. I try and have my wits about me when I do go after a point of hers, because it is an absolute given that she will have a good answer (even when she’s still wrong….)

This other person, just typifies for me the sort of self-licensing some folks will do based on their race or sex or whatever other form of “marginalized class” they believe themselves to be part of, to be vicious, cruel, personally unkind, and childish. The sort, in short, whom I just block, as not even worth talking to at all.

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