Well, at least you own your biases (and I assume you own your ignorance, too), and that’s somewhat…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

If your referencing the Bible is any kind of implication about my own views, don’t even go there. I didn’t, and generally don’t.

As for my biases, yes, and I mean to keep them. I find people stumping their own alleged lack of biases as being simply dishonest, and with long experience of all sorts of people claiming not to have biases exhibiting their own, daily, and with utter oblivion.

As for myopia it so happens that a great many Somali people live in my region, but also happens that we don’t have a lot of “gun-free zones” to go along with a surprising degree of tolerance and welcome extended to foreign emigres in the area, so maybe I will wonder a bit when I see some of these probably decent ordinary working people around (God knows the presence of folks looking like me in downtown Mogadishu has been known to be a disturbance to their cultural equilibrium historically), but with all the folks going strapped in these-here parts, I’m not too worried about one-sideness in any outbreak of knife-wielding.

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