I’ll never bring my phone on an international flight again. Neither should you.
Quincy Larson

I’ll never take an international flight, period, and for that matter hope never to board one of those nazi-designed conveyances to go anywhere, ever again, and in my not-humble opinion: neither should you. Neither should anyone. Jet travel is the ultimate exercise in arrogant privilege, the ultimate waste of resources, the ultimate statement that regardless of what anyone using it may say they believe in, they don’t believe in anything at all other than their own demand to be flown around at will because they can, and require there to be massive industries and infrastructures among the most gratuitously destructive in all history, to accommodate them.

If you can’t or won’t find ways to live your life and conduct your business without using these contemptible contraptions, or can’t or won’t find ways to stay where you belong and make your life work, I just don’t have a lot of patience, and zero sympathy, for the alleged problems you may encounter jet-setting around just for the thrill of being able to throw money away.

Personally, the idea of entrusting my life to a whole plethora of strangers: pilots, crews, mechanics, handlers, officers, officials — not one of whom I have the least inclination nor evidence to give me any reason to trust them with anything much less my very mortality, is unthinkable. I really cannot grasp the kind of bovine oblivion that can walk even as far as through an airport entrance, and from that moment on know full well that what happens to you is not up to you at all, that you are entirely at the mercy of people and forces and powers who are all in it to make a profit and don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to you personally.

Jet travel and everything associated with it, is the ultimate manifestation, the most insane projection, of urbane mass-infrastructure dependency. It reduces a human being, as does all meta-system interaction with humanity, to a thing, a unit, an inconsequential and valueless item of commerce. And I want less than nothing to do with any of it. I quite frankly have no concept of how anyone can.