I hear every word you are saying RM.
Gail Boenning

Running around like chicken little is not my modus operandi.

I’ll tell you the version of this that grates on me the most (as if anybody’s asked me): all these people who post on social media with these hifalutin pretenses of policy analysis, and going on for endless paragraphs about their personal armchair plan to repair the human condition, resolve the national debt and bring about social justice.

It bothers me, and irritates me, because one of the hidden norms brought about by political correctness is that it is taboo to admit the adult realities that nobody with any real power gives a rat’s ass what a bunch of self-appointed world-savers think needs to be done, about really anything. It is against the unwritten rules to observe that politics at every level, from slogans shouted in the streets to obnoxious presidential tweets, is a scripted farce, a dumbed-down form of entertainment, told by idiots, signifying fuck-all.

It is nothing but garden-variety delusions of grandeur, all these endless proposals and high-toned demands and the adopting of a pretended tone of urgency one sees in the social-sphere, and it all amounts to diddly-squat in terms of any real influence on how power really works and how the decisions of power are made.

I only bring all this up because you say that running around like Chicken Little, etc, is not your thing, which is about the most grownup remark I’ve seen at least today in this venue. And it reminded me how so many of these posts I see all day every day (as I systematically block at least 30–35% of the people posting them for the sheer STFU sport of the activity), are just a lot of hot air, a cacophony of meaningless lectures and instruction manuals on how the world ought to be run, as the world goes right on about its business of not paying a damn shred of attention to any of it.

A lot of people will get their knickers in a twist to see me say it, but I think the most revolutionary, defiant, extraordinary act of resistance, is not to give a shit what happens to the whole world and go on with minding one’s own business instead. For two reasons: a) giving a shit about the whole world doesn’t mean shit to it, and b) going about one’s own business in a decent and honorable way, and leaving it at that, might go a lot further toward saving the world than any other thing anyone might decide to do all day. I know for sure it beats throwing bricks and burning dumpsters, anyhow.

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