Protecting the truth in the age of Trump
Todd Milbourn

I’ll tell you what so many alleged reporters are missing today, and it’s so obvious I can’t believe they don’t recognize it themselves:


You people are so preoccupied with working your little “personal brands” and never missing a chance to show what proper progressive liberals you are, and continually issuing forth your projectile sanctimony on social media, it’s hard to take any of you seriously as representatives of what was once an honorable, and for pete’s sake NON-PARTISAN, profession.

I mean come on, look at this article right here: you deploy a template to make it look like what you’re doing is some hifalutin think-piece on the need for journalistic integrity, and then use the whole ruse to regurgitate out yet another epic ridicule of Donald Trump. Did you think that topic had not been sufficiently covered yet? Did you think you had some unique, fresh and (here’s a term…) NEWSWORTHY angle on the most overdone and terminally worn-out story of the year?



Imagine my surprise.

This doesn’t even read as if whoever wrote it has the least familiarity with actual journalism. It looks more like your average, ten-thousand-times-daily extended rant on what a disreputable chap this new President is.

And aside from it having nothing to say worth examining or not already driven into the ground with endless faddish adolescent repetition?

It’s also just BORING.

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