You’re fired!
Tamar Salibian

I’m as put-out and as exhausted as anyone over this electionist exercise in mass psychosis. I’ve never seen anything like it in presidential politics, over a lifetime in which my first conscious memory is of a funeral of a head of state gunned down in the street beside his wife, and in which every presidency since has been in one way or another a long practical joke played on history, a pageant of pretended leadership while true policymaking and wielding of power has been done by people whose names we don’t even know nor ever will.

Hillary Clinton, is Hillary Clinton. There is no soul there. She is a machine of pure amoral ambition and myopic lust for power. She has used and abused and sold out and thrown under the bus, everyone in her purview her entire career, in order to achieve the one aim she ever had, of being this president thing. She believes in nothing, stands for nothing, means not a word she says, beyond this megalomanic obsession to promote herself.

The scary, terrifying, spine-chilling, thing about the Arkansas v Taylor case in 1975, isn’t that she laughed about it later or summed it up as “a fascinating case”: it is that from the moment she took that case, in her eyes there were no human beings involved at all, just a case to win and a name to begin making for herself. It illustrates as well as any moment isolated from a forty-year-plus career, that she is a creature without principle, without empathy, without self-respect, and without humanity.

She is as absolutely a manifestation of what Hannah Arendt describes as “the banality of evil” as anyone in public life today, or within my lifetime. She is a thing, and not a person, because this is what she has made herself into since long ago, entirely for her own motives.

Look at the Wikileaks content: what matters to me there, is not this scandal or that revelation or yet another “bombshell”. It is that among all these people having all these exchanges we’re being allowed to eavesdrop on, not once have I spotted an example among any of them, of an ethos of service, a duty to a nation, a commitment to principle, a respect for rule of law. Every bit of it I have seen, is a tyrant’s entourage plotting and scheming behind that tyrant’s back, in tones of “how do we spin this?”, “how’s this gonna play?”, “look what she’s done now, how do we protect her from herself?”

Enough said on the Wicked Witch.

Jill Stein? Yawn. A garden-variety upscale dolphin-kissing yuppie, I’ve known thousands exactly like her, who has not the least intent of being a head of state, and indulging herself in the sanctimony of pretending she has a plan and a vision, and having the time of her life.

Gary Johnson? Well, just, Gary Johnson. As “whatever” a page-six persona as there ever was, and having the time of his life, as usual.

Evan McMullin? As in, “who the heck is….?” Gee whiz, the Mormons like him. Imagine my relief.

And then, yes, The Donald. A known quantity of a pedivocal buffoon, a brash and impulsive improvisor with as much failure as success in his record, a serial-monogamist apparent ladies’-man whose grown children also seem to adore and respect him. The kind of man few men ever acquire the permission to be in a matriarchy: his own man, warts and all. And yeah, those warts. One can find as many women to uphold and defend him, more even, as women who suddenly recall under the hypnosis of DNC bribes and threats that he was out of line with them in like 1982. A very feminine gal I know, and like so many such ladies no one I’d ever want to cross, told me just today how idiotic this “Trump tapes” business reads to her, and we agreed that why that is has nothing to do with “boys will be boys.”

It was only after the Trump tapes emerged, that I began to think I wanted to vote for this man. And if anyone wants to say this means I endorse grabbing women by the etc, I’ll give you my address, you can come on over and I’ll make coffee while you’re saying that to my face. Short of that don’t even go there.

No, what that desperate move revealed to me was: this is how it will work in a Hilary’s World. How it always has, around her: get in my way, and you will be dealt with, by any means available.

And I have no intention whatsoever, of obeying anything such a person has the power to enact upon the life of this nation. And neither do a great many deplorably ordinary people to whom Clinton is simply a colossal threat of unchecked tyranny and treason. How that plays out, I don’t want to know. That is what a vote for Trump says, I calculate: it is a vote to protect this country from its most unthinkable threat of absolute power wielded by its head of state in our history, name of Hilary Clinton.

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