Enemy of the People

It is all well and good to defend idealistically the idea of a “free press”. How noble, how high-minded, how thoroughly democratic, of those who do.

But meanwhile, on Planet Earth, no such thing as this “free press” exists nor has for a long, long time. What we have instead is an ideological manufacturing cartel, telling us what we think and how to think it, indulging itself nonstop in naked opinioneering only tokenly disguised as journalistic objectivity, cranking out leftist apologetics in return for an endless stream of advertising revenues in service of no such thing as freedom of anything.

It is all well and good to distract from the central issue of a media that has become a dictatorship in its own right by pointing to the excesses made trivial by comparison, of those now recently in office who have the effrontery not to conform to its imposed rituals and its presumptive ownership of their functions of office.

But I call this moral outrage a deeply misguided exercise in barking up the wrong tree. For no more than an abstract notion paraphrased from an eighteenth century document, I see a willingness to stand and defend a cynical business enterprise which commands far more power and influence against no accountability whatsoever than any executive branch of one government could ever dream of having.

And the functionaries of that vast mob of organized crime against humanity, which you so naively conflate with your high-school daydreams of “freedom of the press”, are laughing at you, while thanking you for standing up to defend their right to continue lying gratuitously to us and commanding us how to use our own God-given brains.

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