As I said before, the title – and especially position – of First Lady has always seemed wrong for…
Douglas Milnes

It may after all be a moot point in the end: I had been predicting for years an easy walk-up to the Oval Office for Madam Whatever, but many indications of late suggest that she may deteriorate either mentally and physically or both, past the point even her formidable spin-control apparatus can conceal or explain away any longer. Not just the New York thing but her appearances since then, have even got her cheerleading squad in the mainstream media looking for the exits.

I also have been saying for many months now that this Trump caricature was a planted buffoon, by prior agreement having stood for the office as a combination of a reckless prank by a patently silly man with the resources to create this massive a hoax for his own amusement, and a calculated favor of some sort to be repaid later by whatever means from what he too thought would be a Hillary landslide.

I still think that of him, but limelight and success and roaring crowds will have the most intoxicating effect on even the most determined imposters. I never bought that Ronald Reagan was anything but a strategic fake convert to the GOP, but he seemed to embrace his last leading role so firmly that he eventually believed his own God and Country bullshit himself along with the rest of the deluded masses he entertained.

Trump the Dark Horse looks to have got the bit between his teeth now in the late stages, and even if he was the fraud I always thought he was, he is beginning to see the path to power open to himself plus that same path closing in on Hilary by her own doing. In a race defined as few others have been by asininity, juvenility, impulsive outbursts and preposterous positions taken, what anyone’s intent was coming in looks to be of no relevance whatever as the things winds down.

So this business of what to call the First Spouse may just become tomorrow’s New Birtherism, because by all accounts this Melania was not born between these shores. Even though she didn’t have to be to be married to the Top Dog, I don’t think her colorful and dubious back-story is going away any time soon.