Interesting article.
Duncan Geoghegan

what a society would look like if feminism ruled supreme.

It was known as “The United States of America”, from January 2009 to January 2017. It was attended by continual arbitrary power-grabbing by the executive branch of the federal government, based on continual panic-mongering claiming that to be anything but heterosexually male with pale skin was to be an oppressed, “marginalized” victim, and these groundless claims were used as excuses to expand the power of the federal bureaucracy beyond any prior scope, down to the preposterous level of ordering local schoolhouses to pander to young children laboring under the delusion that they are not actually members of the sex they were born as.

All the evidence necessary to examine the potentialities of a form of rule based on what I call “The Triangle of Feminism”, or the simultaneous entitlement, victimhood and superiority of women, can be found in the past eight years of American history. Which, at long last, and thank God, have finally come to an end, hopefully never to be repeated.

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