Where Are the Brave White Teachers?
Treasure S. Redmond

It was your “brave white teachers”, almost all middle-class men, who “taught” me, in the 1970s by the way, in public school classrooms, that all human suffering and injustice was the fault of white male patriarchy, that everything from slavery to the Indian wars to the Holocaust was white-male hegemony writ large and with no other need to understand the historic particulars, that neither racism nor sexism were things anyone but white males were capable of exhibiting, and that “social justice” (a quite fashionable cliche thrown about by white male former anti-war protesters from the 60s) equalled white males accepting as historic retribution for all human evil ever, a lesser status we now deserved based on our race and sex.

Such racist, sexist narratives aimed at white males are neither new nor “progressive”. They are so antique, in fact, that people of my age group have heard them all our lives, and are no more convincing or effective as policy anchorages now than they ever were.

Injustice is injustice and ought to be addressed. Case by case, based on the factual basis of a grievance, not on the skin color or gender of an entire demographic named as scapegoat. Which demographic, by the way, is neither a historic monolith (is a Slovenian emigre looking for a job and denied food stamps the equal in inherent evil to a a KKK member?) nor a cohesive political or ideological faction.

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