When The Helpers Don’t Believe You
Bix Mediocre

It’s impossible not to notice the cognitive disconnect between all these umpteen-squared articles on Medium written by people basically parading the fact that they (think they) are “mentally ill”, and then the absolute consistency of their going on to describe all the forms of “help” they have tried that (wait for it….) aren’t helping……


For as clearly and articulately as most of this genre of authors write, it seems there is no lack of at least rudimentary intelligence lurking in in all those allegedly diseased minds, so what I don’t get is,

why do you keep assuming there is help available at all where you keep looking for it and not finding it?

Maybe all these people really are “mentally ill”, maybe not. Maybe in each case it was in someone else’s interest to gaslight each of you because of this or that objectionable trait that somebody decided needed to be policed and drugged and therapied and re-programmed to suit their agenda, but clearly no such actions were ever taken in your interests. I know that because that is what every one of these endless posts tells me is going on: you submit yourself to the system of medical practitioners, government agencies and the “nonprofit” sector, they each in turn neglect, abuse, mock and disrespect you and get paid for it every step of the way, and, meanwhile…..

you don’t get any better.


Maybe one fine day all these people who let someone convince them that they were this “mentally ill” thing will get it through their heads that the very worst thing you can do is ever submit yourself to the system to begin with.

And for those countless lost souls whose status is no more than things to the people drawing pay for going through the motions of helping you while systematically (and intentionally) seeing to it that you just get worse, maybe one fine day it will occur to you that this profiteering system despises and fears you and has no intention whatsoever of ever regarding you as a human being, and in many cases will likely be the eventual instrument of your becoming institutionalized. Or worse.


Those people are your very worst enemies, and it is high time you take that into account and find whatever means are necessary to get on with whatever kind of life you can, without them in it.

Being treated like a freak and an animal or worse is all you will ever get from these charlatans, who were the ones who supplied these malevolent “diagnoses” in the first place, not to help you, but to pad their caseloads and keep buttering their bread generously based on how many poor saps they can make a show of “helping.”

Whatever it takes, take charge of your own life and stop accepting these pseudoscientific analyses of who and what you are. The people who make them are not trying to help you, they are only looking to profit off of you.

And the worse you get, the better it is for them.

How could you not have figured that out by now?