Without condemning your article — I certainly do not wear white to funerals — I think it…
John Hopkins

It’s just silly to presume that a career model has no sense of “optics.” I think she chose the shoes on purpose precisely motivated by the optics of them, not as a gesture of contempt but one of hope: even in the face of disaster, it is OK for a woman to feel good about her looks.

I’ve seen enough positive comments coming from women in Texas on Twitter, and I happen to know a lot of Texas ladies because Texas is the other half of my home town, to see that Melania knew exactly what message she was sending, and that gals in Texas got her message. A woman’s sense of her own beauty is the most ancient means of her expressing her own personal power there is.

The only criticisms of her gesture I see, are all phrased not in terms of anyone being offended themselves, but posturing as if someone else might be.

Typical virtue-signalling projectile sanctimony:

it always pretends to be in someone else’s behalf.

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