Luke Trayser

It’s transparent quantifiable pseudo-psychological profiling, and I’ll take no part in it. If Medium wants to keep ideological scorecards on how often or emphatically anyone expresses enjoyment of their content, it’s their website and they can do what they damn well please with it. Heck, they could kick me off the thing any time and it’s no skin off my nose.

But so long as I have a brain that works and even a shred of self-respect, and a working Medium account, I’m not so naive or gullible as to take part in building a hate-speech data-set against myself to be forwarded to SPLC or whatever other denunciation cartel these pathetic yuppies think is protecting them from people who actually think for themselves and say what they damn well please.

No “claps” for anyone, ever. No exceptions, ever.

Just like with mainlining farcebook and complying with IRS extortion and espionage, I am just astonished that anyone falls for this kind of obvious entrapment, much less collaborates with it.

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