I am happy with Western.
James Moneti

not clapping.

I’ve decided to limit my feedback to highlighting and replying. This “clap” business is so obviously a way of compiling ideological profiles I can’t believe anyone is falling for it. If somebody’s gonna profile me, and I know they are, they can at least deal in words and not stupid approval-scores while trying to decide how much a fascist I might be.

Something tells me that SPLC has gotten its hooks into this outfit, and almost certainly monitoring any other prominent social venue looking for information about people and organizations to use against them. I did some reading up on them a few days ago, and what they basically are is a gigantic data-mining and profiling cartel, using supposedly damaging information they gather on whoever they decide to target in order to coerce, blackmail or defame them, and trying to pass it all off as “civil rights activism.”

The very non-coincidence that “clapping” appeared almost simultaneously with this new hysteria over wrecking historic monuments is highly suspicious as well: it’s so obvious that all this public mayhem is a theatrical smokescreen concealing a whole lot of data-gathering going on. Wearing masks is a way to separate the gatherers from those whom they are out to take photos of and store up any other information such as car licenses, etc, in the building of some kind of enemies list, which is precisely SPLC’s stock in trade.

I’m trying to encourage the usage of the term “denunciation culture” as a means of understanding how all this works: it has precisely zero to do with civil rights or diversity or tolerance or any other fake leftist mantra. It is about somebody looking to have enough information to coerce large numbers of people with whatever threat of accusing them of “hate.” What makes it all possible is all the people who ever subscribed to this idiot’s code of political correctness going back decades, and have made themselves targets by stupidly thinking that any of this had anything to do with making a better world. Revolutions always devour their own and go after their own faithful the most harshly and the most persistently. I decided a long time ago that the way to stand up to this kind of blackmail, is to be an outspoken fucking asshole who doesn’t give a fuck what anybody thinks and says to anyone trying to denounce me, “bring it the fuck on.”

The epidemic that precedes and fertilizes this kind of pandemic of denunciation culture, is the mass toxic submission to fear of what might happen to oneself for stepping out of line. Once that fear is the handle firmly in place to control the behavior of vast numbers of people through propaganda, advertising and more than anything through public education and college campus political terror, there are so few people left who see through it all and stand right up to it, that those few aren’t even the ones who matter.

Revolutions don’t care about the outliers who never fall for their lying bullshit in the first place; what revolutions do, is first seize power then use it to destroy their own movement from within so that a very few can then wield that power over an entire civilization. These antifa morons don’t even know it, but by playing along with this new sport they’re having such fun with, they are dooming themselves to eventual destruction by the very forces they think they are fighting for.