A Liberal Definition of the Alt-Left
Keri Smith

I’ve watched for a lifetime as the liberal mindset plays out in individuals as the tortured attempt to restrain oneself from extremism, and ultimately I have concluded that this is an impossibility.

Liberalism, as I interpret it, begins as a basic philosophical pretense that government programs and allocations and grants can effectively address or even solve genuine human dilemmas.

The cognitive dissonance that is liberalism, comes from failing or refusing to recognize that government in its very mechanics is simply unable to improve the human condition by these means, because it has no real motive to.

The everyday function of government has nothing at all to do with high-minded goals or any sense of mission to serve humanity. It is nothing more than people doing their jobs.

This is the problem with liberalism at its very core:

People with jobs, it turns out, like to keep them.

Solve the problems that liberal daydreams promise to solve, and somebody’s gonna lose their job. Who needs social workers when there is no more social work to do? Who needs police when there is no more crime? Who needs women’s shelters when women are no longer at risk?

What liberals never, ever seem to recognize, unless they simply stop being liberals altogether such as many have, is that liberal social policy intentionally sustains the problems it is sold as the solution to. It is a simple arithmetic of perverse incentive, when the genuine priority on the part of individuals making their livelihood by means of government funding, is to have a job, and keep it.

The extremism that liberalism deteriorates into again and again and again throughout history, is not some exception or aberration to liberalism:


CS Lewis in the above quote nails it as well as anything: there must be enemies, really evil ones, in order to keep fighting them.

There is no hope, no faith, no genuine vision, in liberalism. There is only moralistic sanctimony, and a sense of self-assurance that one is, as one opportunistic and richly-rewarded liberal once articulated it,

“on the right side of history.”

Liberalism is primarily a superstition, not a social code. It is a means through liturgy and sloganeering, of convincing oneself of one’s own moral stature as being a correct one. Political correctness is never really aimed at anyone who doesn’t buy into liberal superstition to begin with, such individuals are immune to it through the vaccine of thinking for and as themselves. The purpose of political correctness, is to correct the politics of the already-faithful, a kind of self-enforcing reign of terror within the ranks having nothing at all to do with what goes on outside the ranks.

If you want not to be subject to the political terror that liberalism never fails to produce, the only way to achieve that, is not to be a liberal.

All this word-dance about who is or is not a “reasonable” or (my personal favorite) “classical” liberal, is juvenile nonsense. Liberalism, under any brand name and excused away under any dialectic, is a straightforward path to self-devouring political terror enacted primarily against ITSELF.

Why can’t all these apparently smart liberals see that?

I think it’s because you don’t want to.

That’s how superstition works. Magical thinking, is magical thinking, and will never result in anything other than periodic terror being used as a smokescreen to obfuscate a failing illusion that the magic is real.

This current wave of magical liberal terror will pass, they always do. But it won’t be the last time, just as storming the Bastille or the Winter Palace were neither the first nor last exercises in magical terror acting on political superstition.

You have two choices:

Either wake up to the absolute delusional fraud that liberalism is, or continue being targeted, as history sees fit, by its waves of terror.

Liberalism, like all fanatics’ codes, is terror at its core. The fact that it exhibits dormant phases does not mean that the terror will not re-materialize in due course. Take part in it, and sooner or later you either have to be a terrorist yourself, or the target of terror, or you just get off the runaway train altogether in service of good old common sense.

Because it will never, EVER achieve its stated aims.

It isn’t meant to.

Terror never is.

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