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Jhagi and Lana both, I think you are being a tad self-deceptive about women’s motives in all the cosmetic self-adornment women indulge in, which is by no means limited simply to makeup. If you think the masking of your true selves makes you more “attractive”, this may be because you already think you know how men see women. Alas, you don’t.

Yes, maybe the enhancements and the disguisings of your imperfections offer a kind of attractiveness, but the made-up woman also tends to be projecting a message of untouchable inaccessibility. Any man who ever tried to kiss a woman at the wrong point in her daily cosmetic cycle, or showed up early for a date before she was finished donning her man-repellent armor, can tell you: this is something equivalent to seeing her in her birthday suit without permission, and not taken favorably by Herself.

Indeed, I have known no small number of women so addicted to what I saw as an extreme excess of cosmetics and other accoutrements, that they seem to wrap their entire sense of wholeness and security as a person in this package, and can be at quite an embarrassing loss when any part of it is recognizably mussed. This seems to go especially for the condition of a lady’s coiffure.

More attractive? Not to this man. I like women how they are, in those extremely rare instances when a guy has the distinct honor of actually seeing what a woman looks like, and not how only she (and I daresay, the other women) thinks she has to.

And as with most of the game of women making themselves appear as what they think they must, I think far more of this behavior than either of you credits, is driven by a need to manage the impressions made on other women, than what effect they may have on men. I’m not sure most men give a rat’s ass what a woman does with her appearance, when it is her conduct that tells the true tale of who she is.