Well you have made a lot of ad hominems; called me a lot of names.
Svetlana Voreskova

Just to interject an observation here: Svetlana is only one of many, many examples of highly educated, well-traveled, thoughtful, capable, experienced women, most of them in positions of leadership, with whom I have become familiar as feminist doctrine’s harshest, most informed and most detailed critics.

Also, among all these women with whom I have shared any kind of interaction, I can say unequivocally that to take issue with how any one of them thinks and say so, is to expose oneself to a first-class lesson in losing an argument if one is unprepared to defend one’s points. And of all these (and I have been in contact with dozens such ladies), Svetlana is the one such woman with whom I have had the most interaction, and the most disagreements. If there are winners and losers in friendly disputes of world view or policy analysis, I’d say the score between her and I is fairly even: sometimes she leaves me completely unable to refute her credibly, and as often, she will say to me quite humbly and adult-like something to the effect of “you’re right, Ron, I hadn’t thought to look at it quite that way….”

So, I don’t step in here just to cheer-lead Lana, whom I am proud to call friend to the extent that distant correspondents can be, because she doesn’t need, want nor seek that from a friend or from anyone. I only will say that, again, hers along with so very many other women’s voices, quite irrespective of talking points, blogospherics or antics coming out of any self-styled “men’s rights movement”, are the voices from whom I have begun to realize that feminist doctrines, policies and influences are far more deeply flawed, malevolent and chaotic than even I had suspected.

When it is women who say best, most often and loudest, and with the most hard information to back it up, that feminism is a failure which is harming societies more than helping, setting women back more than moving them forward,

I feel as if I had better listen. And I do.

Oddly enough, it is the damseling-by-proxy, the sad-eyed virtue-signaling of male supporters of feminist thinking, which convinces me even more than all the above, that feminist power and control schemes which have invaded nearly every aspect of civilized life, have men living in a kind of reign of terror, where our choices are: parrot the party line and hope we aren’t accused of sexism, misogyny or rape anyway, or fight back.

I for one man, am fighting back. And my debt of gratitude to women like Lana and so very many ladies like her, who are helping to show men and women both how to fight back against the soul-numbing, all-accusing, unaccountable wrecking ball of feminist dogma, is incalculable.

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