With Increasing and Evolving Global Threats, Now Is the Time to Invest in Security Technology…
Angelique Moss

Keep your security scams: I am safe because I get along with my neighbors, and don’t even lock my doors, much less have locks on them that are in all-day conversation about my behavior with my toaster and my car keys.

Your vulnerability, is voluntary. Your paranoia, is the ultimate expression of a sense of entitlement run insanely amok. Having that much to protect, is no more than having WAY too much to lose. It is standing testimony to the viciously self-serving vision of oneself as some “personal brand” rather than a human being among your fellows.

The engine behind all this needless fear and sense of doom is neither terrorism nor any other threat posed by factions and conflicts. It is the grasping greed of middle-class sensibilities, and their all-too-successful transformation of the meaning of life itself into a protection of advantages and luxuries by any means necessary.

It is the pathetic outburst of the spoiled toddler whose first word learned is:


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