Male Athletes May Insist Otherwise, But Locker Rooms Are Filled With Toxic Masculinity
Sarah Lerner

Lady, you have no business being in a men’s locker room in the first place.

Just the fact that this is the job you decided to do at all, intruding on a safe space that women consider sacrosanct when it is their own, tells me all I need to know about who in this picture is the toxic one.

STFU and mind your own goddamn business, and quit telling men how to do manhood. Contrary to popular (feminist, revisionist) belief, most men couldn’t care less how the ladies do being women or what they talk about. And one hell of a lot of women have no sense of restraint whatsoever about speaking condescendingly, moralistically, degradingly, and as you have done here, TOXICALLY about men, when men’s business and men’s lives and how we live them, are and never have been any of YOUR business.

I absolutely cannot stomach women like you, with this arrogant, superior, didactic tone of yours, trying to redefine manhood in female terms for your own perverted amusement. Thank God, and I do every day, that no such creature calling herself a grown woman is anywhere around the neighborhood where I live, which is a big part of why I live in it.

(yes, I blocked the OP. I’ve been doing a lot of that around here. Some things stick in my craw that bad, and some people are THAT not worth talking to.)

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