It’s very easy Ron, science relies on facts supporting theory, pseudoscience on rhetoric and “faith…

Let’s say you exhibit a lot more faith both in the alleged facts and in the very human people who traffic in them, than I am willing to invest.

It may be best to leave it at that. I’ll not try and convert you to my faith, and you may as well not bother trying to win me over to yours. Your “very easy” rings a tad condescending, from an abrupt entrant into a sporting and I daresay friendly discussion with a dear friend we’ve been at for years now.

Did you think I was unfamiliar with the scientific process or scientific thinking? I merely decide for myself, what use they are to me, and what the limits of that are.

Or, as Dwight Yoakum once put it SO southerner-ly:

“D-y’all thank, ’cause I talk with an accent, that I’m stupid?

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