Bernie won the primaries against Clinton.
Yvonne C. Claes

I will do my best to wake people up, including you, to how the so-called leaders of this country are traitors who should be prosecuted for treason by working against the American people. The Republicans are using you

Ma’am, I know what “journalist” means, and it isn’t someone who writes hysterical think-pieces calling for show trials she knows full well are never going to happen.

And it isn’t someone who jumps to the three-dozen-odd erroneous conclusions you make about me when all I did was point out that I have a grasp on just how sick of the federal government most of this country has been for a long time. I am no Republican, nor do I pay taxes for that matter. In my book, everyone who agrees to be spied on and stolen from in that way is far more the cause of this country’s malaise than any political faction ever was. It takes slaves, to make slavery, and I don’t do tax slavery. There is no one to see about that, no one to represent me to better get my way in some capitol city I consider a foreign country, and no one is going to “convince” me of anything under some spurious party banner, especially not to join some rabble calling for a purge..

But stick with your delusions. I don’t know what age you are, but you write like that not-young-but-not-old age people get to when they cling to their childish idealism for as long as they can convince themselves they still believe it. Good luck. It’s kind of like an emotional menopause, and it does pass. Mine did a long, long time ago.

So don’t bother trying to convince me of anything. You won’t, other than what you already have, which is you are no journalist.

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