I have no more problem differentiating a Muslim who wishes me harm from a Muslim who doesn’t wish…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Ma’am, I’ve had a self-protective bias regarding white guys with crew cuts all my life. High-school football/cheerleader elitism for those not among them is one way of acquiring that skill set. And I know more alarm signals to read off evangelicals than you might imagine, having grown up among them and gone on to walk my own path since. As for conservatives opposing liberalism (or vice versa for that matter), many such can be so openly polarizing and repulsive that no, it isn’t hard to spot them at all if they might pose a hazard.

So I will once again plead bias, even ignorance if it satisfies the terms of engagement here, because no, my life’s experiences don’t give me much of a database in examining the conduct of Somalis in shopping malls away from their home country. Like I said, we have a Somali population here among other groups from around the world, and well, so far, so good. No, none of them has run at me or anyone nearby with a knife and a zealot’s bloodlust.

Oddly for the sake of this discussion, several people in St Cloud seem to have been blind-sided by malice aforethought too; their apparently not having the skills of discrimination (what the word used to mean) to distinguish ill intent from the harmlessness of a passerby. Is there something you know, that they didn’t? How sad, that this may have been enough to save some lives and keep some innocent people out of the ER.

Other examples: the first aggressive bigotry I ever encountered was walking into a northeastern fifth-grade classroom and opening my southern-raised mouth to say hello as a new student, only to find out that these liberal-minded young people busy learning about patriarchy and white privilege before I interrupted them that day in 1971, apparently thought my accent was hilarious and thirty eleven-year-olds broke out in a Carlinesque group guffaw I’ll never forget. Apparently in the acquiring of their own discernment skill-sets they had learned that people with a Dixie accent were so racist, backward and stupid that I was just a walking punch line to them. Within weeks I had learned all kinds of new terms from them: wop, kike, pollock, beaner, spick, etc, etc terms these social-justice warriors of the future used constantly.

Point being, once again, everyone has biases. If you’ve seen all the things I’ve been called, accused of and associated with in this thread, based on no more than a few faceless paragraphs of polemics, you might see my point as well.

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