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unless of course you deny our primate ancestry too.

Maybe you begin to see why we disagree so fundamentally on so many things.

Personally, I was never interested one way or another in any “origins of species.” And I read books because they amuse and distract me, and because as a child what was in them beat the hell out of what was all around me. And if I refer to what is sold as “knowledge” in them, it is because this is a potential common ground to interact with others on, not necessarily because I believe anything they say. Not enough to stake my life on, anyway.

Do we descend from monkeys? You don’t know, and I don’t either. Your education tells you this is probable, my experience and my sole concerns over getting things done and relying on my senses and my faith combined (it doesn’t make any sense, no, and I won’t try and say it does) tell me I don’t give a rat’s ass where or what we come from.

But my senses also tell me that whoever is pitching this monkey business is just as motivated by self-interest and career preservation as those pitching climate science and domestic violence doctrine. I’ve never been clear on how you so confidently separate one form of pseudoscience from another, and buy into the one while tossing the other aside, any more than I can grasp how you can be so devoted to family but not have started one of your own or not believe in a creator making such a thing possible.

But I like you, and respect you, and believe in you, and have this huge crush on you, so I just let your versions of hogwash slide. You can keep on having far more of a level of faith in my view, that what your book-learnin tells you is the truth, than it requires me to simply believe we are not near so smart a species as we like to think we are but that someone or some thing a lot smarter has a purpose for us, and that I don’t really need to know what that is.

I keep seeing folks talk about data-this and evidence-that in these little things here online, and honestly you are one of the only ones I haven’t just blocked once the exchange turns to that direction.

That is what I find lazy: to base one’s beliefs on the alleged findings of strangers whose certain motive is to get you thinking some certain way, rather than trust my senses, my instincts, my experiences and come to my own conclusions, and live in the full knowledge that I own them as their sole proprietor and am not responsible to what anyone else may think about them.

My code of conduct and its consequences says enough about how and what I think, whereas I see it as no more than an idle amusement and more than a little self-exonerating, to claim that what one thinks is based primarily on this business of “evidence.”

You and I really are that different, but I still adore you for being who you are, and can even thank you for this delightful little professorial spanking just now.

Which, stubborn retrograde old fart that I am, way more a redneck than I even let on usually, has not altered my thinking one iota. But thanks ever-so, once again, for making the effort.

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