Beautiful story Ron Collins. Are you telling me this dog takes herself off and survives? g.
Gordie Jackson

this dog takes herself off and survives?

Most of her life we’ve lived either in a rural area or a very small town; the only danger she was ever in, was from the Santa Fe police for a year or two, but she eventually convinced me we had no business living in the big city anyway. That was the only time in her nearly fourteen years she was ever inside a fence, which as I mentioned didn’t impress her and certainly didn’t confine her; and she has never, ever spent even an hour on the end of a chain.

She has her own life, a dog’s life, and she shares part of it with me. Those were her terms and I just respected them. I’m not even sure where exactly she is right now, but I could probably find her in my neighbor’s shed where her favorite summer spot is. She’ll be back in her condo on the front porch after sunset when it cools down.

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