I would love if the world “let people decide.”
Kathy Jacobs

“it isn’t a good fit for women”.

Neither is building houses. I guess not, anyway, since women would have been more than welcome to the same terms and conditions any man ever got, which is “do the work” and not much else. But in nearly forty years on the job I can count on one hand how many gals I ever saw try.

Sorry, but I’m just not buying this flimsy grievance narrative. All sorts of people take on all sorts of things where it may so happen that there are more of one group than the one they represent. I reckon the key to succeeding in that scenario, is stop trying to represent a group, and just do the work.

What you’re selling is short-cuts routed through marketed self-pity. I can’t for the life of me see who specifically you think you stand to benefit here, other than maybe there’s a highly attractive stack of some kind of do-gooder grant funding out there to be harvested, which is what most efforts at various forms of “inclusiveness” are about; if not just trying to be seen reciting The Narrative publicly for self-preservation’s sake, which we also see plenty of, but that brand of it usually comes from men trying not to be charged with sexism.

This here just looks more to me like rote liberal virtue-signalling for its very own sake, and not a very convincing version of it either.