Kurt Metzger Needs to Shut Up
Nikki Black

Nikki, I have a lot of different responses to your article here, but for the time being would prefer not to get into them in this setting for the sad, unfortunate reason that it is so easy for people to set each other off into partisan shitstorms over differing views and divergent backgrounds.

But you made a comment that really sticks with me, which has led me to want to establish a dialogue that may help lead us to some common ground:

“We are not the system. We have been forced to work outside the system because the system has failed us.”

What I want to discuss with you, one-on-one to begin with, is that system. All I’ll say for now here is that I have tried to inform myself as best I could about that very system. I have learned much but know I have much to learn, and making contact with people one by one is one of the ways I have found to move my knowledge and my research forward in a healthy direction rather than get stuck in the kind of social-media feuding much of your article comments on.

If you are willing to look me up and make connection on twitter @framersqool maybe we can take the steps, carefully and respectfully, to begin such an exchange as I see potential for here.

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