I appreciate you claiming free enterprise as yours and pushing it closer to its theoretical limits…
Ryder Spearmann

capitalism’s ability to allocate and reallocate in that it’s the worst system of allocation known to man, except for all the others that have been tried.

No argument there. I rely on capital, capitalists and capitalism every day to do my free enterprise: from the mortgage economy which made it possible for my clients to “own” their homes to begin with whether they own them or not, to the stable and ample incomes they draw for servicing capitalism’s agricultural and distribution requirements and doing so capitalism’s way, to the spectacular cornucopia of retail resources between physical locations even in such a lightly-populated region (Amarillo is the local center of the universe; though I rarely go there myself, probably half or more of the products I install came from there on the back of a personal truck-and-trailer outfit) to the even broader spectrum of online outlets one can order from.

I just personally disapprove of capitalism (as if it ever asked me) as too much a guiding ethos for my own way of life, mostly because I am an ornery stubborn bastard who doesn’t like paperwork, and cowboy enough to approach things from a “get ‘er done” angle rather than a “have that done” one. I don’t require officialdom’s opinion or approval of how I draw my daily bread; and I don’t care for being in debt to financial interests, and go way, way, way out of my way to avoid that condition.

Most folks around here probably just scratch their heads and wonder why I do things the hard way, or how I manage at all. I manage, and the hard way may be the hard way but it’s damn well MY way, and capitalism doesn’t grant me that either. I just take it. Anyone determined to stop me probably wouldn’t have too hard a time at it. There just isn’t any reason for them to.

Which is why I got clear of college towns and suburbs once and for all. The notion of minding one’s own business is treated in those horrible places like some kind of crime against humanity. Out here, it is Rule #1, and at the top of a very short list of rules I personally live by at all.

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