Dude, are you serious?
Jade A

black people are telling you that there is an issue

No such thing: you, one person, are telling me there is some issue, which you personally in direct conversation with me sum up as “black people being treated unfairly.”

Let’s review the arithmetic here: I was never interested in what race you are, nor anyone else for that matter. You presume to explain to anyone white and male that we are privileged somehow, and by extension that this privilege is at the root of this alleged unfairness, and then have nothing specific to offer when I ask direct questions about what exactly you would have me do.

You don’t want to speak with anyone, is my conclusion. You apparently prefer instead to play your race card on me, and anyone else you disapprove for their race, and first accuse not just me but all white people of being the cause of your and all black people’s problems, then decline to make any meaningful or useful suggestion as to what I might do about that which you would find appropriate.

That was never speaking to me to begin with.

It is practicing YOUR racism at me and everyone else like me according to you.

Bearing in mind, on top of all that, I never challenged you on this business of “white privilege” actually existing in my own personal case to begin with. I just asked what a guy ought to do about it.

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