yawn, indeed!
Susan Brassfield Cogan

yawn, indeed! That is an dead ordinary case file of an accused rapist who Clinton represented when she was just barely out of law school. Page 34 is a summary of the defense. I couldn’t find anything in it that was terrifying. Everyone accused of a crime is entitled to a defense. Every rape trial in the country — thousands and thousands of them — has a document virtually identical to the dreaded p. 34. The accused eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser crime and went to jail for a year. That happens in about 95% of all criminal cases.

Now that, ma’am, is truly terrifying.

What I hadn’t gone into in making the comment to you, was that I had studied the entire case in as much depth as I could manage. And also that I had brought it to the attention of a number of Hillary partisans prior to the election, and to the last of them each one (all women) took the same posture of bland indifference. Most leapt to her defense by saying she was a “prosecutor” and was only doing her job. Your asserting that she was just out of law school and gee whiz, that explains everything, is a new twist of bald inaccuracy but typical of the sentiment nonetheless.

I could not explain to them, a term I had indeed learned from feminist radicals about what rape survivors face in criminal proceedings, which is “victim-blaming.” Of all feminist doctrines, with which I am quite familiar in detail, what women (or a twelve-year-old girl) go through in a rape case is the one point on which I unambiguously agree with them.

But when Madam President-Designate does it?

well…. she was just doing her job….

And I doubt you will decide to set aside your partisanship and truly look in the face of what that lawyer actually did to that woman, now a lady my own age, a real live person name of Kathy Shelton, so this is as far as I will go in trying to elaborate just why the term “monster” had never been so clear to me until reading that document.

You might agree with me on this though: it was not just the monster herself, but those who would intentionally blind themselves to her entire monstrous career and her obvious belief in absolutely nothing but personal power, that had to be stopped. To see how unconvincing and boilerplated your promotion of continuing liberal agitation for dead-end social programs truly is above, gives me hope that in time, they will be.

Seeing liberals still not get the point that idealistic Swedish-style super-state interventionism passing as social policy was what got defeated in November, reveals more than ever that liberalism as we have known it appears more doomed, than ever.

So keep it up. You are serving the cause of hammering the final nails in the coffin of attempted American socialism, better than any Rand-worshipper could ever dream of doing.

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