Well my friend Tati once told me that the amount of S’s in a word was not related to the dialects…
Svetlana Voreskova

my friend Tati

Now that you mention it, I had been meaning to tell you that the younger of the two Mennonite brothers I have told you about from work is now the proud daddy of a little baby girl of nine months, whom he and his wife named Tatiana.

When I spoke to them both the other day, it had been a good while since we’d talked, and I had lost track of his wife’s pregnancy by then. He’d told me they had a little girl on the way before, but they had not decided on a name. When I finally met the little angel (a heartbreaker of a beauty, as all those folks’ kids are) the other day and heard her name, I thought right away of you and your friend. She might be pleased to hear it.

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