Does anybody hate women more than feminists?
Trudy W. Schuett

Oftentimes what I have to add to any discussion or critique on feminism, is to reiterate my overall view that feminism itself is not the problem.

Men are.

But not in the way off-the-shelf feminist doctrine would have us believe.

I have almost forgotten what it looks like, to see any man truly stand up to any woman. Today’s men are terrified, if not of women themselves, then of the near-inevitable backlash to follow when a man stands his ground and takes issue with a woman over just about anything. Between the potentialities of domestic violence accusations and sexual harassment allegations, just to name two, men are hamstrung in any scenario which even remotely suggests some sort of legal confrontation, and will more and more take whatever path of least resistance is at hand to keep themselves from having to explain or justify their actions to the official world.

This path of least resistance, is most often simply to relent to whatever it is a woman is demanding. Another term for this is “absolute power.” And all one has to do is leave the house now and then to see that more and more women, at increasingly younger ages and in increasingly more settings, know full well that they will get their way with men simply by demanding it.

Feminism isn’t doing this. Men are.

If feminist ideology ever had any hand in this pathetic un-manning of manhood, it was achieved generations ago, in the upbringings and educations of young men now long since in their adult years, to believe and to internalize the idea that women are perennial victims and that today’s men owe all womanhood some sort of historic retribution to pay back our sisters for the way our great-grandmothers allegedly had to live.

Feminism today is given way too much credit.

All it does, in the meantime, is rant and rave and repeat the same worn-out slogans over and over, preaching relentlessly to its own bored and shrinking choir. And meanwhile, it is men doing the heavy lifting, of enabling a grade of womanhood that is so aggressive, bullying, unaccountable and nasty as to be permanently intolerable, even amongst women, whose hostilities toward one another seem to grow more chronic and toxic with each passing year.

Absolute power really does corrupt absolutely. Until men stop handing it over to women on a silver platter with apologies on bended knee, women’s conduct will get worse and worse, even as women’s credibility for their legitimate issues and grievances goes straight down the toilet, a direct outcome of the impunity awarded their own bad behavior.

Men can learn to grow a pair, and start standing up to our sisters, treating both them and ourselves with the respect that mutual equals do deserve, or men can continue kowtowing and back-pedaling and relenting on every occasion, and have women hate and disrespect us all the more for it.

Something tells me that this will still be a long time coming. The very concept of manliness or behaving like a grown man has suffered so much devastation, mostly at men’s hands for being cowards and weaklings in the desperate drive for increasing doses of female approval that never satisfy the addiction and never will. I have no idea what it will take to reverse this avalanche of un-manliness, but I do know that every time a man backs down to a woman just out of fear of retribution or accusation, or even worse just out of misguided habit brainwashed into him over a lifetime, that the avalanche grows exponentially more destructive.

Feminism itself, or at least the current-day liturgical and incoherent versions of it, has very little to do with any of this. And nothing whatsoever to offer it by way of adult solutions with a view to everyone being given the respect we all deserve. Feminism only feeds on male weakness like a parasite; it is neither the real cause of it nor in possession of its cure.

Men are.

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