Oh, White Women
Farrah Bostic

Oh boo-hoo: advertising its ownself is an exercise in ridicule, insulting the intelligence of its audiences and using mind-control tricks as old as your basic gypsy fortune-teller schtick to manipulate people into spending money on cue. It is in itself one of the most degrading and embarrassing displays of human creativity ever devised, and I personally have seen to it that little to no content pitching anything at me ever enters into my sensory experience.

Who says that advertising needs to be any part of your life, AT ALL? If you are so addicted to some form of mental intake that you let yourself be pitched-at and your intelligence insulted on a steady basis in order to have whatever fix it is you seek, I say the color or sex or orientation or social class or whatever-the-fuck about the wannabes who pose for it because they can’t get any better work as real artists, is the least of your concerns.

Advertising takes your “white women” and turns them into cliches, caricatures, self-mocking consumer-junkies, trained monkeys, hollow-headed knowitalls on the high crafts of using off-the-shelf products. And you want it to be more “inclusive” so that anybody can line up to be humiliated by taking part in advertising? Gosh, how terribly “progressive” of you.

If any part of your silly sermon had anything remotely to do with anyone’s dignity or self-respect or their deserved status among their fellows, you’d be calling for every sort of people to divest themselves altogether, as I have for decades, of anything to do with advertising.

But you don’t get it at all, clearly. You’d rather promote more POCs or more fat people or more gays or more something, as having just as much right to be mocked and reduced and made fools of for a paycheck, as “white women.”

Good grief, in an online atmosphere where one can find daily mega-doses of brain-dead propaganda about imbecile non-causes, this one actually stands out as some of the most ill-considered and self-embarrassing propaganda about nothing at all, that I’ve ever seen.


It takes real effort, to stand out as especially clueless in the most gargantuan exercise of human cluelessness (the socialsphere) in known history.