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Oh, boo-hoo.

If I were to sue all three school districts in three disparate regions and States for the abusive, negligent, experimental, haphazard, sexually-predatory and generally-inapplicable nature of the so-called “education” I barely managed to escape from, any of the suits would be laughed out of court.

And why?

Because of a thing these poor beleaguered Indians, with their guaranteed land holdings and endless government handouts, would surely call my “white privilege.”

Nobody gives a rat’s ass, clearly, that a cis-hetero-white-male from a white-diaspora family (thanks for nothing, “mobile society”) was warehoused and imprisoned and abused for eleven years and had to educate both himself and the system better than it ever bothered to educate him.

Sorry, Havasupai, no disrespect for being what you are, but on this one you get ZERO SYMPATHY from me.

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