Straw man argument.
Kady M.

living in a world full of injustice and it doesn’t bother that person at all, that’s one of the hallmarks of a sociopathic personality disorder.

Oh, I do love this one. And it has indeed been around for a long, long time.

In fact, I done seen so much garment-rendin’ and slogan-chantin’ and sign-carryin’ and T-shirt-wearin’ and bumper-stickerin’ and Congress-writin’ and whole-food-shoppin’ and Greenpeace-joinin’ by now, that yeah sure, I’m pretty sold on the idea that them folks is just awful dis-contented about somethin’ anyway.

Enough, I figger, that their bein’ awful sociopathic theyselves in how they goes about showin’ it, like kinda all the time (other than when there’s a party, or a vaycay, or a mortgage, to pay for, that is), just sorta goes with the territory of bein’ like, concerned.

Funny thing is though: none a-them doin’s seems to have put much of a dent in all this injustice the world keeps on a-bein’ full of.

Maybe them folks is a tad long on bein’ concern-junkie sociopaths, and a tad short on gettin’ things done worth a-doin’, I reckon.

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