Ten of the Worst Things Ever and Why
Erika Sauter

Okay, I can give it a go:

Worst things ever, and why (not necessarily in this order):

10) Mealy-mouthed people who get constantly asked to repeat themselves and still never learn to speak the hell up, nor to recognize this as a throwaway tactic in passive aggression.

9) Women who use terms like “male ego”, “male dominance”, “male bullshit”, and “you are SO male”, while exhibiting zero valid knowledge of men and not seeing the obvious, which is what blustering bullies they are themselves.

8) Cities and towns with populations in excess of say, two thousand souls. Whoever dreamed that one up must have been tripping.

7) Cats in the house (sorry Erika Sauter, they’re fuzzy and adorable and all, and yes a purring kitty in the lap is comforting, but That Smell is That Smell, and it is That Smell…)

6) New packaging of old products, whose label says some crap like “new and improved” or “specially formulated”, as the weight/volume number is in smaller print than before to conceal the fact that it is fifteen percent less than before, from the same moment the unit price went up twenty percent.

5) People who are constantly on farcebook on their stupid-phones, right in the middle of a conversation or a workday.

4) The idea that anyone can be “made to feel like” anything. If you personally are not the skipper of your own feelings, no one can help you find your way out of that swamp no matter how many hoops you demand they jump through.

3) The very mention of the words “Donald Trump”. I don’t care who it is saying it, left, right, center, good, bad or ugly: it isn’t going to go well, say anything worth retaining, nor make my day better. Never saw anyone in my life that so many people loved to hate, and it only points the spotlight back on themselves to wallow in their loathing at some president’s expense.

2) Any form of television “news” broadcast (national or local) since the Persian Gulf War: no matter the topic, no matter the sex or race or age of the talking-head, it is guaranteed to be asinine, juvenile, simplistic, grating, insulting to the intelligence, and absolutely uninformative. To prove my point, just tune in the next time there is a forest fire in your area, if you want to find out how half a dozen yuppies in glitzy suits feel about there being a forest fire, and not much else.

1) Feminism and feminists, and the very most insufferable sub-species of humanity: the Male-Feminist. Yeesh. Gag me with a spoon. Talk about something to make one’s skin crawl.

Oh and the “why”:

Because I say so, of course.