Hey Ron, formulating a reply took me in multiple directions; if you don’t mind, I will answer you…
Jhagi Bhai

I don’t stand fixedly on belief and what works. It worked once, it’s working now, but it may not work in days to come. Take what works, and be flexible enough to change when a better way is realized.

On this I agree completely, but on your final kicker, once again, this piling everything under the label of “evolution” just plain doesn’t add up for me. For one thing, if the human race really did rely solely on the survival of the fittest to determine decision-making, I daresay things like drowning babies and assassinating rivals at will would be even more commonplace than they already are. To be human, is precisely to choose one’s own direction, not to just go with the flow and call it good.

Or at least that never worked for me. You can ask my mom: I have been swimming upstream, defying arbitrary authority and refusing to obey meaningless custom and social convention my entire life. After my experiences with marriage, children and mothers having gone so terribly wrong when it was not because of my unfitness as a parent but my incompatibility with the field the game is played on, that I finally decided, this is who and how I am. I decided, as my mom would put it, to “stop kicking myself around the block” for just plain being me. I decided not to give a rat’s ass any more whom it doesn’t work for, and let it work for me.

Who are you, who is anyone, to suggest that this nature of mine, is not an advance leading edge of some next stage in human evolution? The trend-bucking iconoclast who refuses to be made a slave, in my assessment, is long overdue in history. Assholes like me who just plain won’t take orders might have kept the human race out of some real pickles looking back over the tide of history.

Besides, how conclusive is it, really, that all evolution can be assumed, as some process of rising from one state of being, to a higher one? I don’t see much of this “evidence” thing to suggest that about humanity, in this stupidest century in known history. Far from it. It began with a hoax (Y2K) and continued with one false flag after another (9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc…) and in short order one hacker of mediocre intellect and bottomless greed was building himself an empire out of how stupid and gullible people are (farcebook.)

If any of that is this “evolution”, I say you can keep it. Add a “d” on the beginning of that fairy tale and I might buy it: the human race is falling, not rising, deteriorating and not developing.

I’ll take my chances, on being what I always was. I didn’t choose this nature, it chose me. But ought I to lobotomize myself because it is a poor fit, or was I never the one in the wrong for just being myself?

I might have been sent here to reverse the course of history, or be one who helps with that, just by being a narcissistic iconoclast. I might be the only chance you people have….

Tongue in cheek of course, but who is to say that these hollow phrases about “evolution” or “change” or “hanging on to the past” even have any meaning at all? Or are they just intellectual shortcuts because you really don’t know whether the direction of human history is a good one, or not?

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