Perhaps, but it is an historically viable and valuable one.
Bill Anderson

If we want higher quality in online writing, we need to actually reward those who produce quality content.


Maybe just write well and let this business of “we”, whoever that’s supposed to be, tend to itself.

All this talk of who or what the “product” is just washes right off of me. I pay a monthly fee to have an IP, and beyond that am neither willing to pay for anything to do with social media, nor to accept pay for it. These platforms come and go, and in terms of quality content they are interchangeable in my view. I did Newsvine for a while, and found superb writing by absolute amateurs alongside laughable mediocrity put out by supposed “professionals.” I found the same to be true on LinkedIn, where the very best work was being done by ordinary schmos who just wrote well out of self-respect even as their networking abilities were being systematically gutted by the host in favor of preposterous and unreadable gobbledygook by their “INfluencers” whose posts would claim tens of thousands of views within the first few hours.

If this “quality content” is about who gets rewarded in what way for producing it, then I have to assume you’re talking about some other internet, or maybe you live on some other planet. My consistent experience has been that people write well or don’t based on their own priorities and prerogatives, and the overwhelming majority of the most interesting and stimulating content I’ve seen has come from people who considered the writing of it, itself, as its own reward.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if this platform crashed and burned tomorrow, or any other website for that matter. It is a hobby to participate in it at all, I absolutely take advantage of it precisely because I can and because my IP bill is all I’m willing to pay for it, and would not give these leftist yuppies spare change for a phone call otherwise unless they un-high-horsed themselves enough to ask politely for it.

My writing what I do here is an open act of insurrection, even sabotage, against the mindset that created the tech sector in the first place in this ridiculous century of horrifically misplaced priorities on how to invest human knowhow; I’m laughing at these people for letting me get away with it.

THAT is my reward. Try and pay me for it and I’d just send the money back. All that would do is leave tracks for the tax collectors, and I don’t do business with that gang of thugs, at all.

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