Patriarchy? WHAT Patriarchy?

Does anyone ever really examine on its merits this claim that society is male-dominated, or that females are at some kind of systemic disadvantage? From where I sit, this mantra of 21st century middle-class life seems to enjoy a complete immunity from scrutiny, typical of most of the claims made by feminist agitators who market this bizarre combination of permanent victimhood and inherent superiority for women.

In over half a century of life, I have yet to see even one marriage that was “dominated” by a man or his desires and preferences. Quite the contrary, the married men I have known for a lifetime have lived in a cloud of combined confusion, wife-apologism and outright fear toward their spouses’ micro-managing of every detail of family life. Few men fear anything more than female disapproval, as its consequences historically can land a man in court, in prison, or six feet under.

The “sexual revolution” has been a fiasco for men and manhood: far from resulting in any reduction of female status, it has bred generations of adult men whose utter dependency on sexual gratification and validation as provided by women has reduced men and our manhood to little more than auxiliaries of female caprice.

Where once it was a norm for men to remain unmarried and childless until our skill sets and careers were well-established, now young boys are pressured from all sides to prove their masculinity by means of sex with girls and women (a thing having little to do with the real life of a man, by the way.)

Homophobia is another catastrophe for manhood. Beyond its capacity to pressure young men into abusive, self-destructive and unrewarding relationships with females, it also has turned us against each other in a way history has few parallels to.

Male friendships, partnerships and alliances, once a vertebral component of civilized life, are now not only deeply suspect as the behavior of “ole boys’ clubs”, but also as if their dealings with each other were some closeted “Brokeback Mountain” kind of lurid affair. The cliché has already been around for decades, that two men out together are “either cops or queers” (unless of course they both wear suit and tie, making them Mormon missionaries.)

More women are in colleges and universities than men. Girls are doing better in school than boys. Boys are drugged and treated for personality disorders for no more than acting like boys, in educational institutions where no man above the rank of janitor is to be found. And why? Because every young man knows full well it is only a matter of time, if he works with children, before he is accused of a sex crime.

Men and children are separated every day the courts are open, on the strength of wild and baseless accusations by mothers, validated only by their gender.

In my profession of residential building and remodeling, the same overwhelming majority of male professionals obtains today as decades ago.

But NOT, as some might claim, due to any male bias or unwillingness to include women. WOMEN JUST AREN’T INTERESTED, and this is reflected in many blue-collar realms where the potential for injury or just plain hard physical labor is deterrent enough for ranks and ranks of college-bound women, who continue being trained to see themselves as our victims.

If there ever was such a thing as a patriarchy, I certainly haven’t experienced it in my life, nor has any other man I ever knew. Quite the contrary, the consensus seems to be that dealing with women at all is mostly what is required to have children and a family life, but those are far from being dominated by men.

Personally, I would accept “equality”, not as how feminism defines it, meaning “female supremism” but a true alliance and partnership of equals. But very, VERY few women in my life have been willing to accept anything less than total hegemony over men, and I for one am sick of having this called “patriarchy.”

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