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We are living in a therapy culture; which is why every second article on medium is some pretentious exercise in navel gazing.

People who say such things really stress me out, Professor. Sometimes, most of the time really, it even feels like trauma, to know that others may not believe the things I believe, because I know that their not believing them, is just another form of Violence, and I don’t feel safe from it, because the meaning of the Violence, is that not only don’t they agree with me, but that they want to make me obey the Patriarchy and bow down before their White Supremacist fascism, and that just really, really stresses me out.

Here I am, trying to memorize all the slogans (they’re each pretty simple one at a time, but there’s so many of them to memorize) and support all the proper Causes, and never traumatize anyone by disagreeing with them (unless of course they are fascists for stressing me out), and never deny anyone their Social Justice (whatever that means) by failing to celebrate their Diversity (except of course when they don’t have any, for being white or male or straight or believing that there are two sexes), and you have the imperialistic gall to suggest that the one person in all the world I can trust with how I feel about it all, my “the rapist” (my favorite typo ever), is actually only in it for herself (I could never trust a man with any of this, what do men know about feelings?)

Well, screw this and screw you. I’m off to binge-watch Orange is the New Black and all my favorite Laci Green and Jessica Valenti videos and work on memorizing the script of Dear White People while playing my Anita-approved non-sexist games that don’t marginalize their female characters, and reviewing for the umpteen-squaredth time the transcript of The First Woman President’s deeply-empowering not-quite-concession speech where She declares that little girls must certainly be inspired by the make-work career of an elitist senile straight cis-gender white lady riding the coattails of a serial-philandering husband from a white supremacist hick backwater, because people like you just really, really stress me out.

You need to understand only two things, Professor:

  • Not Everything is About You, and more importantly:
  • how that makes you feel.

(except, in your case, it doesn’t matter how you feel, because you really, really stress me out….)

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