It Feels Like Trump’s Presidency Has Turned a Corner
Austin Frank

a result of Trump getting more of his own people installed in government posts and getting rid of the Obama loyalists responsible for most of the leaking.

Probably the most revealing and descriptive image from the election, which when doing “save image as” I titled “Sore Losers”:

Just that collective smirk alone, borne by a pack of career bureaucrats feigning at being on the right side of history in exchange for their comfy lifestyles and handsomely-padded CVs, told me that like it or not, a Trump Presidency would in short order include a process of purging internal enemies. One would like to think that the age-old tradition of “peaceful transfer of power”, which is American democracy’s by-far most democratic achievement and its most anti-dictatorial institution though it is no real institution at all, would be a thing White House insiders would grasp and appreciate, and do their own country the service of upholding.

But look at these spoiled brats. Those are not faces of grief or commiseration or even shock. They are the faces of TREASON, of determination to do as much harm to an incoming administration as they can manage. They are faces of precisely why their faction was handed its head in no uncertain terms: just the presumptuous arrogance alone representing what the liberal left has come to embody, would be enough to get anyone fired from any job.

I look at those faces, and realize that I finally understand what “good riddance” really does mean.

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