Now, now, don’t start with that silly “rape culture” stuff.
Douglas Milnes

“Rape culture” is just another coined cliche to place men and manhood on the defensive. And, given all the pathetic damseling-by-proxy going on from men, it seems to be working. The sad part is, this is neither new as a tactic for emasculating men among feminist women, nor has it ever succeeded in raising such men’s stock among them, in terms of their ever being regarded as women’s equals.

For all the talk about “sexual harassment” everybody likes to bandy about, I have never seen any more everyday and in-your-face version of harassment based on one’s sex, than how men among feminists get treated once they have taken up this defensive, inclusively apologetic posture about the very fact of their maleness:

It has a name: “ironic misandry”. Yet there is nothing ironic about it. It is an unabashedly double standard, a license to continual innuendo and rank sexism, directed at men, in men’s purview, and the apparent code of conduct surrounding it is: men, to be ranked as “cool dudes” as opposed to “dumb bros”, had better take it, like it, and laugh along.

Equality, right?

THIS is the status a man purchases for himself, once he goes down that slippery path of approval-seeking, by parroting terms like “rape culture.”