I’m fairly libertarian, but how will the government get the funds to operate? Taxing corporations?
James Massey

how will the government get the funds to operate?

Remember that bumper sticker about the Air Force having to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber? I always thought it was on the right track, but my vision is more like any entire government’s infrastructure, being mainly unnecessary, redundant, over-built, and based on racketeering, being liquidated outright. Whatever cash that would raise might be a start; after that, I can’t say I frankly care one way or another how that pack of gangsters ever pays its bills, or whether it is able to continue existing at all.

Anarchy, you’re thinking. I can hear it. Sorry, but what we have IS anarchy. Government, existing for its own sake and serving only its own interests, is way over-rated. It is the one thing keeping the human family from doing that thing we are most suited in our natures and our organism to do, which is to govern ourselves. You only think this is impossible because it has been seen to for centuries that no one should ever get the chance to try.

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