Based on your own post, I take it that in your mind, the surest sign of a good debater is a high…
Traditional Tradesman

Right there above is the perfect example and opportunity for me to illustrate my own process, which some might call “cowering in fear.” I reported the post you replied to as the harassment that it is and doesn’t bother pretending otherwise, then went to the profile of the one who posted it, and blocked her. In the full knowledge that I personally will not manage to wipe that idiotic smirk off her face, and that such is not my brief to do so, and that I personally will not ever have to see either smirk nor smirker in my scroll again.

That she will keep right on with her smirking and supercilious harassing of those who will dignify it with a response, I have not the least doubt. Nor that I will no longer be among the numbers of those she can even try to solicit such dignifying from.

You might know the source of this axiom, but all my life I have heard braver men than I saying more or less, “I might hate what you have to say or even hate you for saying it, but would put my life on the line to uphold your right to say it.” Probably someone who at some point stood up for not banning, or burning, Mein Kampf, in favor of keeping it around because what it had to say, egregious as it was, belonged and mattered to history.

We are making history here, the history of the cyber-age of Too Much Information. How it will ever be read by future generations will never be in our hands to determine. But to some extent, what parts of it will be read and what parts not, we may have some small influence on.