Feminism, “White Genocide”, & The Alt-Right
John Aziz

Several things here don’t quite add up:

If your information about this “alt-right” comes from sites with anonymous posters, what corroborates your oft-repeated claims about what “white males” who make up this alleged “movement” think, believe in or object to?

You mention how divergent and conflicted groups of Jewish people can be, and this makes good sense. I wonder, how much time you have spent among your new untermenschen, white males? Naturally, you shouldn’t need to, because Everybody Knows that we are all pretty much the same, what with mourning our lost hegemony and what-not.

Godwin’s Law notwithstanding, valid points can indeed be made by examining modern life against the experiences of Germany and Europe which led to the rise of the Third Reich. But how very often we see analyses of the Reich and the war which intone on as if there were no such thing at all as Bolshevism, no such regime as the Soviet Union and no such threat as personified by Stalin. Despite what people west of the Atlantic may have decided to believe, the bulk of the fighting, destruction and death that made up the Third Reich’s war effort, was in its all-out conflagration with the USSR. This was a war between two dictatorships and party-states, two viciously repressive regimes, two political philosophies which calm analysis shows as many similarities between as absolute differences. Why analyze the one for modern purposes, and not the other?

Was Stalin any less a threat, or his conquests, purges and tyrannical policies any less destructive or evil, than Hitler’s? It is also largely forgotten that until June 22, 1941, the ongoing war between Great Britain and Germany was one where the UK considered the USSR as in the enemy camp via the Molotov-Ribbentrop Accord. The fact that Britain and later the US were de facto allies of Stalin’s USSR is one of the most bizarre and least-examined situations in history, but it does no good for 21st century life to just wish away the inconvenience of a Second World War fought allegedly to “preserve democracy” when the democratic minority in the prevailing alliance were as threatened by and suspicious of its largest component state, which ally made ultimate victory over Germany even possible at all.

Another thing that you easily glide past, is that by summing up all opposition to feminism, multi-culturalism, open borders, etc, as being the fanatic ravings of an allegedly white male conspiracy against a conspiracy you postulate does not exist, you implicitly grant immunity to the very real problems and shortcomings of feminism, multi-culturalism and open borders. By raising up this frightening specter of a white male conspiracy, you easily deny any credibility to anyone who has issues to raise with the things you claim this evil conspiracy opposes.

I have seen the effects of this many times, when I will try and have dialogue with someone over demonstrable flaws in the western-liberal way of life, only to find that for my raising any objections to it at all, I am accused of being some right-wing nut-job just by default, by virtue of (wait for it) my sex and race.

I’d say your conspiracy to say there is no conspiracy, all the while claiming that there is in fact one and that people who look like me are behind it and must be stopped, is now an ideological norm that a great many will accept at face value. Congratulations: by suggesting we as white males must be watched as potential Nazis, you grant yourself license to begin the long road to finding your Final Solution to the White Male Problem.

Whether that results in white males someday being rounded up and driven into ghettoes, slave labor and concentration camps, I’m not going to indulge the projections that it will. But I daresay a great many European Jews, even as they were boarding the cattle cars, felt the same way: this can’t possibly be happening to us?

Can it?

Hate is just hate, and I see plenty of it in this surprisingly well-written and thoughtful article. Bear in mind, Germany and the USSR both had deep and highly developed intellectual traditions that played just as much a part in rationalizing the madness and destruction that their respective dictators ordered them into en masse, and no doubt one could have read any day of the week throughout the 20s and 30s, articles in both Russian and German, in both Pravda and Volkischer Beobachter, plenty of intelligent, thoughtful, sophisticated think-pieces on how one day These Others were going to have to be destroyed.

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