Socializing toward the middle
Courtney Owyang

But it’s just as important to teach men to value empathy and collaboration.

Sister, if you had any idea how consistently over a lifetime I have witnessed men showing both empathy and collaboration, as easily as breathing, and by contrast how little of the same qualities I see in women, you’d understand why I was laughing all the way through this garden-variety tract in feminist boilerplate. (And as an aside, the last several hundred bridges I have seen being built, there was not a woman in sight.)

I read this kind of thing, and it just keeps popping up everywhere, and I wonder every time if the authors had ever even met a man, or spent any time among men who “get shit done.” Or rather, that they had accepted at face value all the gender-studies messaging about how women are “made to feel” (who’s in charge of your feelings, anyway, “society”, or you personally?), and just go looking to grasp conflict and bigotry from the jaws of observable reality.

On my planet, men not only build bridges and forge alliances, they also do these things, every day, largely in service to women’s needs, tastes and demands. As meanwhile, irritable feminist agitators refuse to see the everyday conduct of grown men for what it is, and take every little slight against their feelings as further “evidence” of some patriarchy in need of smashing. As meanwhile, civilization carries right on being the matriarchy it has been for some time with or without your approval or acknowledgement.

If your goal is to get this “society” to jump through hoops for you so that you don’t feel as if it is making you feel things you don’t want to feel, I’d say you are making an exercise in futile, exasperated aggrievement out of every breath you draw, and I can’t for the life of me see what good it will ever do anyone. Least of all yourself.

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