Another Newsfeed Lament…
Mike Essig

I see no value in adding to circuitous, never ending rants passing themselves off as conversations when they are really proclamations.

So many words have been corrupted by social media: like, friend, share, recommend, follow….

But as you point out here, maybe the worst re-purposing of a perfectly serviceable term and concept has been “conversation.”

Whenever I see that nauseating phrase “we need to have a national conversation”, I know that what I am seeing is Newspeak for:

“You there! Non-campus-indoctrinated, non-trendy-leftist, non-feminist, non-diversity-signaling, non-corrector of other people’s thinking! Yes you! Sit down, shut (the fuck) up, and absorb what real reality really has to really be (yes really), according to the roundly defeated, solidly discredited middle-class fake left, whether you (being an idiot and a racist and a sexist and a white-nationalist fascist neanderthal) like it or not….”

Welcome to the National Conversation.

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