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Randomly Me

Progressives are claiming they can’t sleep. They can’t eat. They can’t read a book.They can’t work. Their blood sugar is being affected? Good grief, is there anything good coming from all this RESISTANCE?

Something seemingly good always comes from shooting up one’s addiction. Until it wears off. Then another fix. Then another. Et cetera.

The thing that makes any genuine “resistance” real and sincere, is the obvious reluctance and regret that those resisting bring to it: resisting something so truly intolerable that one feels one has no alternative, is an interruption, a distraction, a severe disruption of the things they would rather be doing, like going on with their lives. To make “resistance” into life itself, which is what I think describes most of the idle and hollow ranting going on under that banner now, suggests that to resist is to have found one’s calling rather than it being the last thing anyone sane would ever really want to be doing. The whole point of resisting, is to get back to everyday life. When resisting is itself the very meaning of life, it suggests there was never anything to return to.

It is, in short, a HOBBY. Entertainment. An interactive sport, a fad, a craze, a bovine urge to be seen not letting down some “cause”, and it never even seems to occur to its adherents that results, real live workable solutions to anything for anyone, would be the worst possible outcome because that would mean they would have to return to something they never had, normal life.

As it is, they are having the time of their lives. It feels exciting, meaningful, historic, important. Even the requisite emotional breakdowns are just all part of the script in a mass trendy role-play: once the first few came out the day after the election from a handful of controversy-junkies like Lena Dunham and Laci Green, everyone had to go on record with their first-hand account of the angst and stress and oh yes of course the fear, bla-bla-bla.

Just another club to join, another “I was there” claim to make, another exercise in misguided Sixties-Re-Enactment and Holocaust Envy by people whose world view tells them they have not “resisted” enough or suffered enough to be real people, and here’s their chance to.

They wouldn’t have missed this for the world. And though they would never admit it, the overall tone of the thing suggests that Trump and the election did them the biggest favor of their lives: giving them something to have a mass pity-party over.