Live from London, it’s Mozart and Tchaikovsky
Fran Hoepfner

The “Scherzo” has this really fun pizzicato throughout; it gives the whole thing a very playful feel. It’s drastically different than the first two movements, as if Tchaikovsky was finally pulling himself out of the funk

Speaking strictly as a casual fan and no con-o-swa at all, the third of the Fourth is by far my favorite Tchaikovsky ever. Much as I like his better-known pieces, they all sound much more the same as one another than this surprising little piece, which could stand all by itself in any repertoire.

Couple of Tchaiko-fun-facts:

> Have you ever heard Duke Ellington’s arrangement for jazz orchestra, of “The Nutcracker?” If not, and if you aren’t even a jazz fan, this suite alone might make you into one:

> also, listen very carefully at around 0:13, just before David Gilmour’s acoustic guitar intro, and see if you don’t recognize a quick slice of ol’ Pyotr’s fourth of the Fourth:

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